Our goal

Our overall goal is to give the children a possibility to receive seven years of good education supported by qualified teachers. Our vision is to make the school self supporting within a few years.

The development of our project:

2010 The old school of planks was teared down and the building of a new school started.
2011 The school was enlarged with a nursery school.
2012 A kitchen was built and the children were offered maize porridge for breakfast and maize and beans for lunch.
Maintenance of the school buildings is made continuously every year.
2013 The number of children has increased from 220 to 350 whereof 100 in nursery school.
2014 Land of 60 000 square metres has been bought for growing food for the children.
A store and house for the caretaker of the farm has been built.
2015 A pig sty has been built in order to start pig raising which will give good income for salaries to the teachers and maintenance of the school buildings.
We are planning for an irrigation plant.
2016 En small house for the caretaker of the pig sty and a food shed for the pigs.
2017 A new well.
2018 A new pig sty.
2018 New room for teachers.