Do you want to make a contribution for food for the children? Donate 50 SEK/month, which is enough for breakfast and lunch for one child during one year. Our bankgiro account number is 757-0872.

We are pleased to receive any contributions, big or small.

If you do not live in Sweden and still want to contribute, please contact our cashier Ulla Mattsson, for information how to handle the transfer.

We have during the years gratefully received monthly amounts from private persons.

We are very thankful for the donations given by the following:

  • Myrsjö school senior level Operation day work
  • Sågtorp school fundraising from the junior and intermediate levels
  • Myrsjö school fundraising from the junior and intermediate levels
  • Sickla school
  • Nacka Rotary
  • Lastberget Konferens & Upplevelse (Lastberget Conference & Events)
  • Save the Children, Söderköping
  • Boo Church
  • Aktiva Kvinnor i Norrköping (Active Women in Norrköping)
  • Förskolan Blåsippan
  • Dalarö Agency AB
  • Fettåtervinning AB (Grease recycling)
  • Addcent
  • OilQuick

Svensk Fettåtervinning

Dalarö Agency