Kasubi Friends is a non-profit association.

All money goes into the project.

Money which is transferred to Uganda requires three signatures from Dirisa Kasalirwe,
head of operations, Sarah Nalwaddah, principal, och and the board member Florence Kibande, economist at WHO (our representative in the board).

A budget is sent by Dirisa Kasalirwe for discussion and approving within the board.

Purchases to be verified by original receipts which are sent to the cashier.

Since the start 2010 we have sent money as follows:

School buildings 300 000 SEK
Kitchen 20 000 SEK
Maintenance per year 15 000 SEK
Food for 350 children per year 100 000 SEK
Salaries for 10 teachers per year 85 000 SEK
Salaries for 5 farm employees per year 30 000 SEK
Purchase of land 190 000 SEK
The farm house 35 000 SEK
The pig sty 45 000 SEK
Other pig buildings 15 000 SEK
New well 12 000 SEK
New pig sty 30 800 SEK
New teacher room 2 000 SEK